Shows her burning wedding dress

Lyrics like “Boy I was buggin’/ Thinkin’ somehow I can trust ya/ But you don’t mean nothing/ ‘Cause I don’t, I don’t” hint at what might’ve went on behind their heavily publicised relationship but it’s a scene from the video that speaks a thousand words — specifically the scene of Mariah burning a puffy wedding dress to ashes.

While the video might feature Mariah throwing her wedding dress on top of the fire, her engagement ring, valued at more than $10 million USD, didn’t suffer the same fate.

The video even features Carey giving the camera the rude finger with, you guessed it, the gigantic sparkler sitting on her middle finger.

In her docu-series Mariah’s World, the singer revealed she wrote the song “to heal.”

After recording in the studio, the final episode ends with Carey taking off the huge diamond and leaving it on the music stand.

Most would realise there’s a discrepancy in the timeline considering Carey ‘left’ the ring in the last episode of her show but is seen wearing it in the music video.

It’s still unclear whether ‘I Don’t’ and her single from last year ‘Infinity’ are the start of a new album.

Carey’s last album Me. I am Mariah … The Elusive Chanteuse was the singer’s 14th and most recent and was released in 2014.

Mariah is set to tour with Lionel Richie for their All The Hits Tour this year.