New Music Video on The River features

IT has taken 15 years for Delta Goodrem to have her second kissing scene in a music video.

Goodrem’s last love interest in a music video was in her very first single I Don’t Care back in 2001.

Her brand new clip The River is a surprisingly steamy affair, with heated kisses in a seedy motel.

“At lot of my lyrics haven’t been about relationships, but The River is about a volatile relationship and getting rid of that person and having a second chance,” Goodrem said.

“So it gave me the opportunity to tell the story with a love interest in the video for the first time since I was 15.

“It was a great day at work,” she laughed. “No one was complaining.”

The clip, released today, was filmed in Sydney earlier this month straight after Goodrem wrapped her work in the next series of Channel 9’s House Husbands.

It shows Goodrem act out the swamp-blues inspired song’s dark lyrics about getting revenge on cheating lover (played by model Jai Stevens).

“My acting muscle memory from House Husbands meant I could go straight into that performance,” Goodrem said. “I was responding to the lyrics, it was like a script. I was in character, telling the story of the song.

“Hopefully by now I can kiss someone in a video and we’re all OK with it! I’m mindful I have young fans but they also know I’m a woman and have a whole life outside my job.”

Goodrem says the lyrics were personal, but not about a specific event.

“I like leaving some mystery there,” she said.

The 31 year old has found her new policy of not discussing her personal life “freeing”.

“Being longer in the game I just know what I’m cool with and what I’m not. And people are respecting that. It feels better than ever, people are listening to my music and not associating it with other stuff.”