Her sons watch Snow White

HERE’S no denying Alicia Keys is a global superstar with the vocal chops to match.

Her career has spanned decades and includes 15 Grammy wins and 35 million albums sold worldwide — five of which have topped the Billboard 200.

Keys has made a recent return to the music scene after taking a break to raise her two sons which she tells The Edit magazine was “by design [she’s] raising boys.”

When it comes to what movies they’re watching though, Keys draws the line at the 1937 Disney animated classic Snow White.

“It’s totally sexist, misogynistic — she’s cleaning for seven dwarfs. There’s nothing wrong with a woman who chooses to stay at home with her family, it’s a hard-ass job, but it’s the way it’s spoken about.”

One thing her boys Egypt, six, and Genesis, one, mighn’t learn is Keys’ revelation and recent refusal to not wear makeup.

The singer-songwriter’s #nomakeup movement has seen her showered in worldwide praise and adoration after she refused to wear make-up to events, photoshoots and filming for The Voice.

The 35-year old goes on to explain the microscope celebrities are put under. The solution she eventually came to was to stop hiding under a ‘mask’ and embrace who she was.

“It’s the worst time. You become introverted and weird because you’re second-guessing yourself; you want to be everything that other people want you to be. Then you become cloaked in this societal bull**** that’s plonked in your lap and you spend the rest of your time digging yourself out. And that’s my conclusion for life,” she tells The Edit.