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Creating a full music video in just four seconds

The boys at OK GO have outdone themselves yet again with their new music video defying reality and possibility.

The American rock band — already famous for their iconic music videos — have reached new heights with their most recent video ‘The One Moment’ topping them all.

They’ve danced on treadmills in perfect synchronisation and defied gravity aboard an aeroplane but none of their past iconic videos have been shot in just 4.2 seconds.

Premiering on Facebook yesterday, the cameras rapidly shoot one incredibly colourful, explosive moment and then proceed to slow that four second moment down to perfectly synchronise with the song.

OK Go singer and director of the video, Damian Kulash explained it was all about mathematical calculations and breaking down every single frame into a spreadsheet.

“Every single event had to have an exact time. We literally had a spreadsheet with the frame number in the video … Each of which corresponds to a millisecond of real time of when we’re shooting.”

Some of the shots were slowed down by 20,000 percent from real time reports Rolling Stone.

The insanely sophisticated and complicated film includes everything from exploding watermelons to flipbooks with singing band members to cannonballs and swords.

In a behind-the-scenes video, Kulash explained

And for those that had an internal cry at the 16 guitars exploding, Kulash explained “the guitars are all manufacturing defects. We want to blow up guitars but we don’t want to keep musical instruments out of the world.”

Watch the incredible clip below.

Drake to release short film inspired by his album

RAPPER of the moment Drake is set to unveil a short film inspired by his album, Views.

The Canadian hip hop star teased fans about the movie — titled Please Forgive Me — on Instagram.

The film — due to be released today — features music “inspired by the album Views” and was scored by Drake’s long-time producer, Noah “40” Shebib.

Please Forgive Me was directed by Anthony Mandler, who was behind videos for Rihanna (Diamonds), Taylor Swift (22, I Knew You Were Trouble) and Selena Gomez (Come and Get It). Mandler also directed Lana Del Rey’s dreamy short film, Tropico.

Mandler has worked with Drake previously, including on his videos for Miss Me and Find Your Love.

Drake hasn’t yet announced what platform Please Forgive Me will be released on but given his commercial agreement with Apple Music, the film is expected to appear on Apple’s streaming service, a la Frank Ocean’s Endless.

So what so we know so far about Please Forgive Me?

Drake has teased the film’s plot and visual style in a series of Instagram posts, including one that features a close up of his bloodied face, another of DJ Popcaan, and Instagram duo Elizabeth and Victoria Lejonhjarta (who also appeared in the album art work for Views), wearing gold bling and carrying guns.

So will the rapper actually be in the short film? It seems likely since Drake appears in one of the stills he released on Instagram. Of course, it won’t be his first time acting — after all, he started as an actor in the TV series, Degrassi: The Next Generation.


New Music Video on The River features

IT has taken 15 years for Delta Goodrem to have her second kissing scene in a music video.

Goodrem’s last love interest in a music video was in her very first single I Don’t Care back in 2001.

Her brand new clip The River is a surprisingly steamy affair, with heated kisses in a seedy motel.

“At lot of my lyrics haven’t been about relationships, but The River is about a volatile relationship and getting rid of that person and having a second chance,” Goodrem said.

“So it gave me the opportunity to tell the story with a love interest in the video for the first time since I was 15.

“It was a great day at work,” she laughed. “No one was complaining.”

The clip, released today, was filmed in Sydney earlier this month straight after Goodrem wrapped her work in the next series of Channel 9’s House Husbands.

It shows Goodrem act out the swamp-blues inspired song’s dark lyrics about getting revenge on cheating lover (played by model Jai Stevens).

“My acting muscle memory from House Husbands meant I could go straight into that performance,” Goodrem said. “I was responding to the lyrics, it was like a script. I was in character, telling the story of the song.

“Hopefully by now I can kiss someone in a video and we’re all OK with it! I’m mindful I have young fans but they also know I’m a woman and have a whole life outside my job.”

Goodrem says the lyrics were personal, but not about a specific event.

“I like leaving some mystery there,” she said.

The 31 year old has found her new policy of not discussing her personal life “freeing”.

“Being longer in the game I just know what I’m cool with and what I’m not. And people are respecting that. It feels better than ever, people are listening to my music and not associating it with other stuff.”

Bruno Mars rides a jetski in Las Vegas

CELEBRITIES probably go through life wondering if they’ve actually ‘made it’.

From a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to winning an Oscar to selling out Madison Square Garden, all of these are pretty good indicators to celebs that they’re doing okay.

Another lesser known indicator — carving it up on a jetski in the Fountains of Bellagio.

Mars was filmed jetskiing the night away in Las Vegas’ iconic fountain and fans were delighted at the reason why.

The footage was for the singer’s new music video ‘24K Magic’, his first solo release in four years.

The single is the first from his forthcoming album due to be released November 18.

Mars is living the high life in the music video, dancing with his crew throughout one of Las Vegas’ luxurious hotels, walking off a private plane and cruising down the street in a convertible.

Despite all this, jetskiing in the Fountains of Bellagio undeniably takes the cake.

The 8.5 acre lake boasts over a thousand water jets and is iconic for its night-time shows.

Shows that are perfectly choreographed to pieces of music, the dancing streams of water are illuminated from within and shot hundreds of metres up into the air.

Mars’ newest disco-funk style song will have you dancing the weekend away and you can watch the full video below.

Her sons watch Snow White

HERE’S no denying Alicia Keys is a global superstar with the vocal chops to match.

Her career has spanned decades and includes 15 Grammy wins and 35 million albums sold worldwide — five of which have topped the Billboard 200.

Keys has made a recent return to the music scene after taking a break to raise her two sons which she tells The Edit magazine was “by design [she’s] raising boys.”

When it comes to what movies they’re watching though, Keys draws the line at the 1937 Disney animated classic Snow White.

“It’s totally sexist, misogynistic — she’s cleaning for seven dwarfs. There’s nothing wrong with a woman who chooses to stay at home with her family, it’s a hard-ass job, but it’s the way it’s spoken about.”

One thing her boys Egypt, six, and Genesis, one, mighn’t learn is Keys’ revelation and recent refusal to not wear makeup.

The singer-songwriter’s #nomakeup movement has seen her showered in worldwide praise and adoration after she refused to wear make-up to events, photoshoots and filming for The Voice.

The 35-year old goes on to explain the microscope celebrities are put under. The solution she eventually came to was to stop hiding under a ‘mask’ and embrace who she was.

“It’s the worst time. You become introverted and weird because you’re second-guessing yourself; you want to be everything that other people want you to be. Then you become cloaked in this societal bull**** that’s plonked in your lap and you spend the rest of your time digging yourself out. And that’s my conclusion for life,” she tells The Edit.

According to NY Post readers

WHEN it comes to debating the merits of John Lennon’s Imagine, the world definitely does not live as one.

In late October, British music fan Edward Carter compiled a giant list of 337 nominations for the worst songs of all time from responses he got to a tweet requesting fellow music-fan input. Lennon’s 1971 ballad was mentioned regularly, but Post readers’ opinions were split down the middle.

“I thought I was the only one who can’t stand to hear this song,” said Rebecca Reed. “I find it so depressing, and will practically break my leg running to change the radio station when it comes on.”

Raymond Smith agreed. “Thought it was great when I was a kid. I listen to it now and it sounds like it was written by a 6-year-old,” he said.

But Lennon fans defended Imagine with equal fervour. Adam Hendricks praised the “positive sentiment” behind the lyrics, while Deborah Lindo Zingg called it a “prophets [sic] message.”

Post readers also gave us their own nominations for worst songs of all time, and here are some of the biggest offenders.


When even the co-singer of the song, Grace Slick, calls it “the worst song ever” (as she did in a Vanity Fair interview in 2012), it has to be pretty bad.


Reader Heather Pink referred to this simply as the song “about Chinese chicken.” It’s not actually about that, but Barenaked Ladies’ one big hit is so heinously grating, it’s enough to spark eye rolls of recognition all ’round.


Righteously blasted in the lyrics of “Fight the Power” by Public Enemy, McFerrin’s whimsical a cappella hit also attracted withering criticism by reader Dave Richard, who regarded it as a “real steaming pile of crap.”

Son cancer battle to fund project

FOR six long, heartbreaking months, Hilltop Hoods MC Pressure lived in a hospital room as his then eight-year-old son Liam underwent chemotherapy for leukaemia.

Each night as his little boy slept, the father wrote songs in a desperate attempt to make sense of the life and death struggle every family endures when cancer strikes a loved one.

One of those songs, Through The Dark, is the story of those six months of hell and it not only has a happy ending for Liam but hopefully for other young cancer sufferers like him thanks to the groundbreaking video which launches on Friday.

The Hoods have teamed up with Google Play to create an interactive 3D animated music video which will raise funds for CanTeen to kickstart a bold project to give cancer patients special access to concerts.

Pressure, aka Dan Smith, said he wrote and rewrote Through The Dark as Liam underwent treatment.

“It came out as a song about a father’s love for his son and his words of encouragement and positivity for a bright future for his boy,” Smith said.

“Four years later, he has that bright future; he was two years in remission and now two years cancer-free.”

The tech giant was keen to partner with the Hoods on an artistic venture because the Australian hip hop heroes are one of their most popular acts on the Google Play platform.

Smith said they suggested working on a video for Through The Dark and the concept evolved into the innovative clip which changes between two versions, the “light” representing hope and “dark” representing fear.

The clip switches between the two versions of the video when you tilt or rotate your device.

It also works on a desktop.

And because so many fans and parents shared their stories about living with cancer when the song was released, Google and the Hoods decided to use the video to raise funds for Side Of Stage.

Google’s Sophie Hirst said the film was evidence that “music and technology is an exciting place to play in.”

“Behind the scenes, this film is made entirely of code. For example, using 3D cameras mapped to the phone’s accelerometer, the film uses mobile technology combined with complex modelling and animation to capture the sense of a world turned upside down. We’re really pushing the limits of what a phone can do,” she said.

She also jokingly revealed that Smith had one “diva” moment when he requested changes to the face of his father character in the video.

Bravely performs on X Factor of Louis Tomlinson

LOUIS Tomlinson has paid tribute to his late mum Johannah Deakin with an emotional performance on The X Factor.

The One Direction star took to the stage on the show on Saturday night to perform ‘Just Hold On’ in tribute to his beloved mum after she died aged 43 on Wednesday, the Sun reports.

Louis won a standing ovation for his performance with a huge applause from the judges and the audience.

After his performance, Simon Cowell spoke to Louis and told him how proud his mum would be of him.

“Louis, I have to say something to you, what you’ve just done, and the bravery, I respect you as an artist and as a person.

“Your mum was so proud of you Louis. She was so looking forward to tonight and she’s looking down on you.”

Earlier today, Louis thanked fans for their support, writing on his Twitter: “All the support has been incredible! Let’s do this together tonight.”

The One Direction star, who fulfilled his mum’s wish to perform the song on The X Factor, is releasing the single ‘Just Hold On’ in collaboration with EDM musician Steve Aoki.

While the star hasn’t officially confirmed that the song is about his mum Johannah, the lyrics have become a poignant tribute to her after it was announced she had passed away on Wednesday aged just 43.

The lyrics read: “Oh until it’s all been said / It’s not over until your dying breath / So what do you want them to say when you’re gone? /That you gave up or that you kept going on?

“What do you do when a chapter ends? / Do you close the book and never read it again? / Where do you go when your story’s done?

“You can be who you want or you’ll become / If it all goes wrong / Darling just hold on.”

Donald Trump in gruesome music video

The controversial glam-metal star has released a teaser for his upcoming music video SAY10 on the day that millions of Americans go to the polls — and it shows him, in gruesome detail, beheading a Trump lookalike.

Warning: the images below are extremely graphic, although they are the result of very lifelike horror movie effects. No actual tiny-handed, orange-haired presidential candidates were harmed in the making of this video

“Either way tomorrow goes, the visuals are meant to create contemplation. Because it’s obviously bigger than just tomorrow,” Manson said of the video ahead of its release yesterday. “It’s about the desperate acts of people who believe something that is preached by an unbeliever.”

The Daily Beast reports that Hillary voters shouldn’t take this as a gruesome “I’m With Her” statement either. Manson announced earlier this year that he wouldn’t vote for anyone in the election, stating that it would be like choosing between “cat s**t and dog s**t”.

“I don’t think that, as an artist, I can make as much of a difference voting as I can the commentaries I make in music on my next record, Say10,” he told them.


Origliasso star in steamy music video

EARLIER this month, The Veronicas’ Jess Origliasso confirmed she was dating Ruby Rose again after reconnecting on the set of her new film clip.

And now — fans can see it for themselves.

Jess, 31, and Ruby, 30, play troubled lovers in the video for On Your Side, which premiered on Friday.

The pair had previously dated back in 2008, and it’s clear they’ve still got plenty of chemistry.

In the video, in which they play two women in love while one battles a drug addiction, they strip down to lingerie and get passionate in the bedroom.

In another scene, they share a tender moment in the bath.

The graphic video was also written and directed by Rose, who has been friends with the twins for years.

When news broke of the rekindled relationship, Jess explained how it all happened to Nova FM’s Kent ‘Smallzy’ Small.

“It’s me. Me and Ruby Rose. And it is our love story in this video,” Jess said.

“We’ve been friends for eight years. We just reconnected over doing this video. We sort of just fell in love. It’s pretty cute, honestly.

“We support each other in our careers and we support one another and be there. It made sense to be able to come out on that level because we want to be there in each other’s lives on a public level.”