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Creating a full music video in just four seconds

The boys at OK GO have outdone themselves yet again with their new music video defying reality and possibility.

The American rock band — already famous for their iconic music videos — have reached new heights with their most recent video ‘The One Moment’ topping them all.

They’ve danced on treadmills in perfect synchronisation and defied gravity aboard an aeroplane but none of their past iconic videos have been shot in just 4.2 seconds.

Premiering on Facebook yesterday, the cameras rapidly shoot one incredibly colourful, explosive moment and then proceed to slow that four second moment down to perfectly synchronise with the song.

OK Go singer and director of the video, Damian Kulash explained it was all about mathematical calculations and breaking down every single frame into a spreadsheet.

“Every single event had to have an exact time. We literally had a spreadsheet with the frame number in the video … Each of which corresponds to a millisecond of real time of when we’re shooting.”

Some of the shots were slowed down by 20,000 percent from real time reports Rolling Stone.

The insanely sophisticated and complicated film includes everything from exploding watermelons to flipbooks with singing band members to cannonballs and swords.

In a behind-the-scenes video, Kulash explained

And for those that had an internal cry at the 16 guitars exploding, Kulash explained “the guitars are all manufacturing defects. We want to blow up guitars but we don’t want to keep musical instruments out of the world.”

Watch the incredible clip below.

Drake to release short film inspired by his album

RAPPER of the moment Drake is set to unveil a short film inspired by his album, Views.

The Canadian hip hop star teased fans about the movie — titled Please Forgive Me — on Instagram.

The film — due to be released today — features music “inspired by the album Views” and was scored by Drake’s long-time producer, Noah “40” Shebib.

Please Forgive Me was directed by Anthony Mandler, who was behind videos for Rihanna (Diamonds), Taylor Swift (22, I Knew You Were Trouble) and Selena Gomez (Come and Get It). Mandler also directed Lana Del Rey’s dreamy short film, Tropico.

Mandler has worked with Drake previously, including on his videos for Miss Me and Find Your Love.

Drake hasn’t yet announced what platform Please Forgive Me will be released on but given his commercial agreement with Apple Music, the film is expected to appear on Apple’s streaming service, a la Frank Ocean’s Endless.

So what so we know so far about Please Forgive Me?

Drake has teased the film’s plot and visual style in a series of Instagram posts, including one that features a close up of his bloodied face, another of DJ Popcaan, and Instagram duo Elizabeth and Victoria Lejonhjarta (who also appeared in the album art work for Views), wearing gold bling and carrying guns.

So will the rapper actually be in the short film? It seems likely since Drake appears in one of the stills he released on Instagram. Of course, it won’t be his first time acting — after all, he started as an actor in the TV series, Degrassi: The Next Generation.


New Music Video on The River features

IT has taken 15 years for Delta Goodrem to have her second kissing scene in a music video.

Goodrem’s last love interest in a music video was in her very first single I Don’t Care back in 2001.

Her brand new clip The River is a surprisingly steamy affair, with heated kisses in a seedy motel.

“At lot of my lyrics haven’t been about relationships, but The River is about a volatile relationship and getting rid of that person and having a second chance,” Goodrem said.

“So it gave me the opportunity to tell the story with a love interest in the video for the first time since I was 15.

“It was a great day at work,” she laughed. “No one was complaining.”

The clip, released today, was filmed in Sydney earlier this month straight after Goodrem wrapped her work in the next series of Channel 9’s House Husbands.

It shows Goodrem act out the swamp-blues inspired song’s dark lyrics about getting revenge on cheating lover (played by model Jai Stevens).

“My acting muscle memory from House Husbands meant I could go straight into that performance,” Goodrem said. “I was responding to the lyrics, it was like a script. I was in character, telling the story of the song.

“Hopefully by now I can kiss someone in a video and we’re all OK with it! I’m mindful I have young fans but they also know I’m a woman and have a whole life outside my job.”

Goodrem says the lyrics were personal, but not about a specific event.

“I like leaving some mystery there,” she said.

The 31 year old has found her new policy of not discussing her personal life “freeing”.

“Being longer in the game I just know what I’m cool with and what I’m not. And people are respecting that. It feels better than ever, people are listening to my music and not associating it with other stuff.”

Bruno Mars rides a jetski in Las Vegas

CELEBRITIES probably go through life wondering if they’ve actually ‘made it’.

From a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to winning an Oscar to selling out Madison Square Garden, all of these are pretty good indicators to celebs that they’re doing okay.

Another lesser known indicator — carving it up on a jetski in the Fountains of Bellagio.

Mars was filmed jetskiing the night away in Las Vegas’ iconic fountain and fans were delighted at the reason why.

The footage was for the singer’s new music video ‘24K Magic’, his first solo release in four years.

The single is the first from his forthcoming album due to be released November 18.

Mars is living the high life in the music video, dancing with his crew throughout one of Las Vegas’ luxurious hotels, walking off a private plane and cruising down the street in a convertible.

Despite all this, jetskiing in the Fountains of Bellagio undeniably takes the cake.

The 8.5 acre lake boasts over a thousand water jets and is iconic for its night-time shows.

Shows that are perfectly choreographed to pieces of music, the dancing streams of water are illuminated from within and shot hundreds of metres up into the air.

Mars’ newest disco-funk style song will have you dancing the weekend away and you can watch the full video below.