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Zayn Malik in their sexy new music video

TAYLOR Swift doesn’t want to be known as the girl next door anymore, and her new music video with Zayn Malik helps to do just that.

The two singers, who recorded the track I Don’t Wanna Live Forever for the new Fifty Shades Darker movie, dropped the music video for the hit song last night and it’s as Fifty Shades as we expected.

The video, like the erotic movies, are shot with a similarly smouldering, gloomy theme.

The premise of the video seems to be that Swift and Malik are going through a very public break up which they agonise about in separate hotel rooms.

Despite the song obviously being about two ex-lovers, the accompanying video features next-to no scenes of the two together.

While some might see this as a creative choice to add to their faux breakup anguish, the separate scenes are probably because Zayn is currently dating Gigi Hadid, one of Taylor’s best friends and Swift once having a fling with Malik’s former One Direction bandmate, Harry Styles.

Almost all of Swift’s last album 1989 is rumoured to be based on her relationship with Styles.

But, back to the video.

Shot at London’s St Pancra Renaissance Hotel, the video is bursting with tragic glances, mood lighting and angry outbursts.

As Zayn enters the luxurious hotel amid a swarm of paparazzi, Swift blindly pours champagne into a glass before taking out her anger on a bouquet of white roses, passive aggressively ripping off the flower’s petals.

Wonder fuels the fire on whether

THE Stevie Wonder truthers have come back with a vengeance after the star himself admitted 2017 would be the year he finally reveals he isn’t actually blind.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Wonder jokes with the cameraman about having a potential reality show this year but the artist admits it might be “too invasive”.

When the cameraman tells Wonder he could be like the Kardashians, the Superstition singer is a little more tempted.

“I could make a lot of money huh? Buy me a few planes. Maybe fly them,” he says.

The 66-year-old singer, whose music career spans more than five decades, told TMZ he’s flown planes a number of times.

“I flew a plane once, well actually twice,” he said, adding “I actually landed the plane”.

Always one to stir up a bit of controversy, TMZ asked Wonder: “Are you gonna come out one day and just go, ‘Surprise!’”

Wonder replied: “This year, I will reveal the truth.”

The artist has been the subject of conspiracy theories for years after video surfaced of him catching a falling microphone during a performance of The Beatles’ classic Hey Jude.

In a 2008 interview with The Independent,Wonder revealed it was being born prematurely that caused his blindness.

“The blood vessels at the back of his eyes hadn’t yet reached the front, and their aborted growth caused the retinas to detach,” the publication wrote.

Despite this, the musician is still plagued by conspiracies but has always stayed lighthearted about his disability.

At last year’s Grammy awards, Wonder teased the audience, showing them the opened winners envelope and saying “Y’all can’t read this right? You can’t read braille! Haha, you can’t read this.”

The Hot News of The Chainsmokers

READERS were quick to roll their eyes over the Chainsmokers’ latest interview where they discussed everything from how the world wants to copy them to the size of their penises.

The EDM duo recently graced the cover of Billboard magazine’s September 24 issue and boy was it cringe-worthy.

The New York native duo exploded onto the music scene in 2016. and is on the verge of hitting their third double-platinum album this year, however, they could learn a lesson in humility.

The interview started with the younger of the pair, 26-year-old Drew Taggart.

“We rage every night,” he said. “My mum’s going to hate reading that but she already knows.”

Billboard described the other half of the duo Alex Pall as a person with “bed head and neck scruff” and labelled him as a “bon vivant” or, in other words, a person who devotes themselves to a sociable and luxurious lifestyle.

If you’ve paid a visit to the Chainsmokers website you would’ve seen a quote in their bio:

“17.34 inches … think about it …”

Luckily, Billboard clarified this with Pall who explained it was in reference to the combined sizes of their penises tip to tip.

They’re proud of that too, “even before success, pussy was number one,” Pall said.

They’re the epitome of the college “bro” culture and are adamant that they don’t tailor their music to make hits.

“We’re just frat bro dudes, you know what I mean? Loving ladies and stuff,” Pall said.

They’re suffering from an abundance of good problems too but one thing they are annoyed about is people not taking them seriously or thinking they’re a con.

“We’re literally going for our third double-platinum this year,” Pall said.

“Only Justin Bieber and Drake can hold a candle to what we’ve done,” referring to the only two artists of 2016 who have had more top 10s.

The guys clearly took note of Bieber’s hit “Love Yourself”.

Another thing the duo love is that some of the world’s biggest acts are now giving them respect — after an early career filled with rejection.

“It feels good when those people are like … thirsty,” Pall said.

“Now we’re influencing the industry, putting out songs everyone copies.”

Bregoli stars in a Kodak Black music

On an episode hilariously called “I Want To Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried To Frame Me For A Crime”, Bregoli’s mother spoke about how she was struggling to reign in her misbehaving daughter.

As the audience laughed at the teenager, Bregoli turned to them and said “Cash me ousside, how bow dah?” and all of a sudden the viral sensation was born.

For those of you wondering what that actually means, she was encouraging the audience to fight her outside.

Ever since the Dr. Phil interview, Bregoli has wasted no time throwing herself into the public spotlight.

She started a website selling ‘How bow dah’ merchandise, was kicked off an aeroplane for an ugly confrontation with another passenger and, most recently has starred in a music video for hip hop artist Kodak Black.

The music video, released by World Star Hip Hop, sees Bregoli sitting on the hood of a luxurious Rolls Royce showing off golden grills to the camera and fanning herself with wads of cash.

She even manages a little bit of product placement by wearing her ‘Cash me ousside’ merchandise throughout the video.

Since the music video’s release, Bregoli again appeared on Dr. Phil and, just like her last appearance, the 13-year old didn’t mince words.

When Dr. Phil asked the viral sensation if her new-found fame was a good thing, Bergoli replied as ruthlessly as you’d expect

“I guess what’s good for you is I made you just like how Oprah made you,” answered Bregoli, smiling. “You were nothin’ before I came on this show.”

“Thank you for that,” replied Dr. Phil.

Shows her burning wedding dress

Lyrics like “Boy I was buggin’/ Thinkin’ somehow I can trust ya/ But you don’t mean nothing/ ‘Cause I don’t, I don’t” hint at what might’ve went on behind their heavily publicised relationship but it’s a scene from the video that speaks a thousand words — specifically the scene of Mariah burning a puffy wedding dress to ashes.

While the video might feature Mariah throwing her wedding dress on top of the fire, her engagement ring, valued at more than $10 million USD, didn’t suffer the same fate.

The video even features Carey giving the camera the rude finger with, you guessed it, the gigantic sparkler sitting on her middle finger.

In her docu-series Mariah’s World, the singer revealed she wrote the song “to heal.”

After recording in the studio, the final episode ends with Carey taking off the huge diamond and leaving it on the music stand.

Most would realise there’s a discrepancy in the timeline considering Carey ‘left’ the ring in the last episode of her show but is seen wearing it in the music video.

It’s still unclear whether ‘I Don’t’ and her single from last year ‘Infinity’ are the start of a new album.

Carey’s last album Me. I am Mariah … The Elusive Chanteuse was the singer’s 14th and most recent and was released in 2014.

Mariah is set to tour with Lionel Richie for their All The Hits Tour this year.